About Us


Delivery365 is a delivery platform focused on the product, parcel and merchandise delivery segment. Through the platform, any person or company can build their delivery solution and serve their customers.

A young and dynamic company, Delivery365 is formed by a multidisciplinary team specialized in the development of new solutions within the scope of delivery. Professionals with a background in Engineering, Architecture and Software Development and Content Management work in an integrated way to create a new concept in service provision, offering our and their clients technology, quality and competence.

A complete tool, Delivery365 is a SaaS (software as a product) that provides all the necessary resources to deliver products in the delivery mode. Among the features that the software offers, we highlight the possibility of customizing the mobile application and integration with your existing software to obtain orders to be delivered, among many other features.

The idea of creating Delivery365 was born from the passion for technology and knowledge of its creators, and the desire to build an application that could connect customers and companies with their products.

A great help for professionals and companies that want to increase the quality of delivery of their products, the delivery platform facilitates and favors the growth of your business in a personalized and flexible way.

With a pleasant and easy-to-use interface, it can be easily used by both entrepreneurs and customers. Online 24 hours a day, the software has a support team, a sophisticated security and data protection system and periodic updates

One of the forerunners in the delivery segment, Delivery365 is a complete solution focused on a flexible, dynamic and inclusive delivery method, free from any type of barriers.